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PEGs and MPEGs
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Both PEGs and mPEGs are polyethers, synthesized via the polymerization of ethylene oxide. mPEGs have one methoxy end group unlike two hydroxyl end groups in PEGs. Both are safe and inert materials and are hydrophilic nature. They have excellent solubility in water as well as polar organic solvents, and water binding capability. They are used in many applications in the home, personal and medical care fields, food processing as well as some industrial application. They function as rheology modifiers, dispersants, emulsion stabilizers, moisturizers, and foam reducers.
Chemical Description Product Name INCI Name Physical Form Molecular weight (g/mol) HLB Application
Polyethylene Glycol Surfant PEG400* PEG-8 Liquid 400 20 1) Used as a moisturizer in personal care products,and as an inorganic salt solubilizer and viscosity regulator.
2) Used as plasticizer and mold release agent.
3) Used as Antistatic agent and conditioner in leather and vinyl care
Surfant PEG600* PEG-12 600 20
Surfant PEG1000* PEG-20 Paste 1000 20 1) Used as lubricants and softeners in personal care products.
2) Used as plasticizer and mold release agent. Used as ink and dye carriers
Surfant PEG1500* PEG-32 1500 20
Surfant PEG3350* PEG-75 Flake 3350 20 1) Good solubility in water and other organic solvent.
2) Used as substrate for solid cleaning products and washing powder, and Useful for adjusting the pour point of washing products.
3) Used as matrix in the production of cosmetic,and to adjust the viscosity as well as melting point of the products.
4) Used for producing the ester thickeners.
Surfant PEG4000* PEG-90 4000 20
Surfant PEG6000* PEG-135 6000 20
Surfant PEG8000* PEG-180 8000 20
Surfant PEG10000* PEG-226 10000 20
Surfant PEG20000* PEG-344 20000 20
Chemical Description Product Name INCI Name Physical Form Molecular weight (g/mol) HLB Application
Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol Surfant MPEG350* METHOXY PEG-7 Liquid 350 19-20 1) The products are chemically inert and show excellent hydrophilicity, solubility in various organic solvents
2) Used as a thickener and lubricant for textile,printing and dyeing, personal care and home care.
Surfant MPEG400* METHOXY PEG-8 400 19-20
Surfant MPEG750* METHOXY PEG-16 Paste 750 19-20
Surfant MPEG1000* METHOXY PEG-22 1000 19-20
Surfant MPEG3000* METHOXY PEG-67 Flake 3000 19-20
Surfant MPEG4000* METHOXY PEG-90 4000 19-20
* REACH compliant for EU

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