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EO PO Copolymer
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EO/PO Copolymer
EO/PO Copolymer
EO/PO block copolymers (poloxamers) consist of a broad range of versatile, non-ionic surfactants made from ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. Most of them consist of a triblock copolymer with a central polypropylene oxide group flanked by two polyethylene oxide groups. One can also get block copolymers in which the central group is polyethylene oxide and this is flanked by two groups of polypropylene oxide.
They are used where antifoaming, dispersing, wetting and emulsifying is required, and are thus used in rinse-aids, hard surface and metal cleaning. They can also find application in agriculture, coatings, etc.
Chemical Description Product Name INCI Name Physical Form Cloud point (°C) HLB Application
EO/PO Block Copolymer Surfant L-61* POLOXAMER 181 Liquid 15-19A 3 1) Low foam,good solubility in water and high chemical stability.
2) Used for hard surface cleaning and automatic dishwashing product.
Surfant L-62* POLOXAMER 182 21-26A 7
Surfant L-44* POLOXAMER 124 Liquid 68-73A 16 1) Used as emulsion stabilizer in shower gel.
2 Good detergency,used as a high temperature foam control agent.
Surfant L-64* POLOXAMER 184 57-61A 15
Surfant L-68* Flake >90A 30
Surfant L-81* POLOXAMER 188 Liquid 15-17A 2 Used as a low temperature foam control agent.
Surfant PD740* Liquid 45-52A 6 1) Used as cleaning agents in the dairy, brewing and soft drinks industries.
2) Used as an anti-foamer in detergents,cleaning agents and other formulations.
3) Used as a lubricant in syntheticc/semi-synthetic metalworking fluids and as mold release agents.
Surfant PD720* 30-34A 12
Cloud point test method A. 1% deionized water
B. 10% in 25% BDG solution
C. 4% deionized water
D . 1% in 5% NaCl solution
* REACH compliant for EU

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