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Polypropylene Glycol
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Polypropylene glycols (PPG)
Polypropylene glycols (PPG)
PPGs are polyether products obtained from propylene oxide. Their solubility in water rapidly decrease with increase in molecular weight (water soluble up to 600 g/mol molecular weight). They are mainly used as lubricants, emollients and softeners. Similarly, these products sometime find applications as defoamers and for antistatic agents.
Chemical Description Product Name INCI Name Physical Form Active content(%, by wt) Molecular weight (g/mol) Application
Polypropylene Glycol Surfant PPG400* PPG-5 Liquid ≈100 400 Used as an emollient, softener, lubricant.
Surfant PPG500* PPG-7 ≈100 500
Surfant PPG1000* PPG-16 ≈100 1000
Surfant PPG2000* PPG-34 ≈100 2000
Surfant PPG3000* PPG -52 ≈100 3000
Surfant PPG4000* PPG -69 ≈100 4000
* REACH compliant for EU

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