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Glycerin Ether
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Glycerin Ether
Glycerin Ether
Glycerin Ethers are made from glycerin and ethylene oxide, the structures can be customized based on performance requests. They can be used as moisturizers, wetting agents, emulsifiers, dispersants, solubilizers, and dyeing auxiliaries, etc. They can be applied in skin care, hair care, textile, leather making, and also used as intermediate for chemicals syntheses.
Chemical Description Product Name INCI Name Physical Form Molecular weight HLB Application
Glycerin Ether Surfant G-7 GLYCERETH-7 Liquid 400 17.5-18.5 1) Used as humecant and lubricant
2) Good moisurizing,anti-freezing,wetting and stabilizing bubbles property.
3) Used for viscosity reduction and prevention of gel generation in high concentration system.
Surfant G-12* GLYCERETH-12 620 18-19
Surfant G-18* GLYCERETH-18 880 19-20
Surfant G-26* GLYCERETH-26 1100 19-20
* REACH compliant for EU

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