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Allyl Alcohol ether
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Allyl Alcohol ether
Allyl Alcohol ether
This type product is prepared by reacting allyl alcohol with ethylene oxide or propylene oxide. It is mainly used for modifying silicone oils products. It can adjust the performance of silicone oils products according to a wide range of allyl alcohol polyethers.
Chemical Description Product Name INCI Name Physical Form Active content(%, by wt) Molecular weight (g/mol) Cloud point (°C) Application
Allyl Alcohol Polyether Surfant MEP141* Liquid ≈100 1000-1600 58-64C The products have double bonds in their sturctures, and can usually be used to modify silicone oils, that are employed in cosmetics, polyurethane, textile auxiliaries and other fields.
Surfant MEP1414* ≈100 1000-1600 62-66C
Allyl Alcohol Ethoxylates Surfant MC5312* ≈100 450-650 /
Surfant MC5313* ≈100 300-500 /
Cloud point test method A. 1% deionized water
B. 10% in 25% BDG solution
C. 4% deionized water
D . 1% in 5% NaCl solution
* REACH compliant for EU

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