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Room No. 1201, Building No. 5, No. 258 Jinkang Road, Shanghai, China (200127)

Innovation through R & D
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Innovation and technology are vital in developing future technical solutions in Speciality Chemicals.

The new R & D Centre in Shanghai demonstrates Jiahuas commitment to innovation and growth objectives for delivering long term value to customers.

Jiahua’s new R & D center started in 2012, headed up by an International expert with 30 years’ experience in the PU industry. Including a drive to recruit more than 20 PU/Surfactants chemists. Recently also adding another International Surfactants expert to continue the new recruitment program for the future.

Jiahua’s R & D center serves three main industries: Polyurethanes, Surfactants and Construction chemicals. It contains a laboratory for wet chemical developments and pilot plants for speciality polyols, DMC catalysts and NOP research thus meeting the requirements for new products development. In addition labs for polymer characterization, Foamat, Lamda and near infra-red measurements. Plus HP dispensing equipment and moulds to support technical service and analysis of the quality and performance of new products.
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